Osteoporosis and Soft Drinks

Continuing the theme from the last post, Osteoporosis could also be a result of inadequate nutrition. It used to be that children consumed a sufficient amount of calcium in their diet by drinking milk, but with all the drink alternatives available these days, milk has been reduced to an afterthought. The calcium in whole milk is important for strong, healthy bones and the vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium in the intestines. Soft drinks, which more and more people are choosing to consume because of their sweet taste (and often times caffeine) do not contain calcium. Studies have found a correlation between increased soft drink consumption and decreased bone density. Soft drinks that contain phosphoric acid, like Cola’s, have been linked to decreased bone density. Lemon-lime soft drinks and ginger ale however do not show this link. They lack phosphoric acid, however studies fail to show conclusively that phosphoric acid is the cause. Could caffeine be the culprit? Maybe it has to do with whether you are male or female? Check out this article from the Cleveland Clinic: https://health.clevelandclinic.org/2016/12/sodas-tea-coffee-can-make-bones-brittle/ Maybe it’s just that we have replaced our calcium rich foods, like milk, with foods that have a lower nutritional value, like soft drinks.

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