Easy Way to Learn the Arteries

Learning the vessels of the body can be a daunting task.  Looking at one of those blood vessel models for the first time can simply look like a plate of noodles!  One of the things that helped me learn the blood vessels and develop confidence in identifying them is practice drawing them out.  You can draw them on a white board, chalk board, or a piece of paper.  I felt like I could identify any blood vessel on any model or specimen once I learned to draw the vessel diagram without looking at any notes.  I have made a couple of videos to show you how to draw the arteries of the body (just main branches).

Cardiovascular System Videos

Another helpful tool for identifying an artery on any model or specimen is to know what organ the blood vessel supplies (or drains if we are talking about veins).  If you can trace the artery to its organ, you can confirm its name.  First you have to know where it goes, though.  If you trace an artery to a kidney, it’s the renal artery.  If you trace an artery to the lesser curvature of the stomach, it’s the left gastric artery.  Practice often and you’ll be a pro at this in no time!

-Dr. Lotz

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  1. Hi, you do such a great job on your website. It shows you care about your students learning the human body. It’s so informational & I’m not a student. Great job!

  2. very helpful i wish my teacher would teach us, unfortunately, he doesn’t know what he’s doing and so it leaves us to have to search out and figure it out so thanks for teaching me so I understand something.

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