Create a Schedule of Your Exams

Hi all!

Many of you may be on the verge of beginning another semester, if you haven’t done so already. If you are, it may be helpful to use a calendar to build a schedule of “due dates” for your exams, papers, and other assignments.  First, gather all the syllabi from all the courses you are taking this semester.  Many professors list exams and assignment due dates right on their syllabus. Then, get yourself a blank calendar.  You can download one for free from the following link.  (  You can either type in the assignments then print or print the calendar then write in the assignments with a pen/pencil.  When you are finished, hang the calendar in a location where you will see it every day.  I like to hang mine where I can see all the months at once.  Yes, I still do this as I have found it extremely valuable.  This will help to prevent missing an exam or assignment.  It will also make it easier to build a study schedule, so you can be better prepared.  Remember, you are going to want to study each subject for a short time each day, instead of saving all the studying until right before the exam.  Seeing when things are due is the first step in building your study schedule and it will help to increase your chances for success.

-Dr. Lotz

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