Part 2 of 3 part Kidney Model (Alternate Version)

Quiz yourself with the picture below. Scroll down for the answer key. There’s a video at the bottom if you want to watch it first.


A – Cortex (a region)
B – Medulla (a region)

  1. Afferent arteriole
  2. Peritubular capillaries
  3. Glomerulus (Aka: Glomerular capillaries)
  4. Glomerular capsule (Aka: Bowman’s capsule)
  5. Proximal Convoluted Tubule
  6. Arcuate artery
  7. Ascending limb of the Loop of Henle
  8. Descending limb of the Loop of Henle
  9. Loop of Henle
  10. Vasa recta
  11. Collecting duct
  12. Interlobar artery
  13. Renal papilla
  14. Papillary duct
  15. Renal capsule
  16. Renal corpuscles
  17. Distal Convoluted Tubule
  18. Collecting duct
  19. Efferent arteriole
  20. Afferent arteriole
  21. Interlobular artery (Aka: Cortical radiate artery)
  22. Afferent arteriole