Blood Vessel Plaque Upper

Quiz yourself with the picture below. Scroll down for the answer key. There’s a video at the bottom if you want to watch it first.


  1. Facial artery (a.)
  2. Internal jugular vein (v.)
  3. Right common carotid a.
  4. Right subclavian a.
  5. Right subclavian v.
  6. Cephalic v.
  7. Superior vena cava
  8. Brachial vein (cut)
  9. Brachial a. & Basilic v.
  10. Hepatic v.
  11. Common hepatic a.
  12. Right renal v.
  13. Median cubital v.
  14. Anterior interosseus a.
  15. Ulnar a.
  16. Radial a.
  17. Superficial palmar arch
  18. Common palmar digital a.
  19. Proper palmar digital a.
  20. Superficial temporal a.
  21. External carotid a.
  22. Internal jugular v.
  23. Internal jugular v.
  24. Left common carotid a.
  25. Left brachiocephalic v.
  26. Left subclavian a.
  27. Left axillary a. (once it passes the first rib)
  28. Transition between Axillary and Brachial a’s
  29. Posterior humeral circumflex a.
  30. Left gastric a.
  31. Splenic a.
  32. Celiac trunk
  33. Superior mesenteric a. (cut)
  34. Hepatic portal v.
  35. Inferior vena cava
  36. Inferior mesenteric a.
  37. Left common iliac a.
  38. Left internal iliac a.
  39. Left external iliac a.
  40. Median sacral a.
  41. Femoral a. (after it exits the abdominopelvic cavity)