What’s the Furcula?

This week I thought I’d hit you with a little comparative anatomy to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Furcula means ‘small fork’ in Latin.  It’s customary to make a wish on it around this time of the year.  It’s the wishbone!  Found in birds, it’s the fusion of the 2 clavicles.  It acts like a spring in the pectoral girdle of birds to aid in flying.  Have you ever noticed that it’s sometimes hard to break, even after cooking it?  Some birds however, don’t have a furcula like some parrots, owls, and toucans (among others).  The custom of 2 people pulling the wishbone and making a wish may have originated as early as the 1600’s.  Back as early as the 1400’s, gooses’ wishbones dried overnight were used to predict the harshness of the winters.  I hope you found this interesting!  I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving 🙂 (If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you also have a great week! 🙂 )

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