Can Allergies be Cured?!?

I found out a few months ago that Stanford has been doing research regarding allergy desensitization.  (  What they have been doing is administering micro doses of allergens to subjects over an extended period of time.  What they’ve found is that the subjects are less likely to have an allergic reaction to the allergen upon re-exposure after the treatment.  I have recently had an interesting personal experience related to this.  I have dealt with cat allergies ever since I was a child and have never been able to own a cat.  However, my children REALLY wanted a cat.  So, back in November, we purchased a Siberian Forest Cat.  This breed of cat was chosen because they are known to produce a low level of the Fel d 1 protein – the main allergen found in the cats’ saliva that causes allergic reactions.   Each year, my family and I go to a holiday party at the house of a cat owner.  Each year I experience a full blown allergic reaction with the runny eyes, constricted airways, and snot bubbles – the whole 9 yards!  This year, that didn’t happen!  Could it be from being exposed to small doses of the allergen from our new hypoallergenic cat?  Could it be that it’s all in my head?  If so, is there’s an emotional component to allergies that people are overlooking?  Has anyone ever had an experience like this?  Feel free to comment 🙂

-Dr. Lotz

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