Simple Cuboidal Epithelium


  1. Simple Cuboidal Epithelium (the tissue you should be looking at)
  2. Nucleus of a cuboidal cell (Note: the nuclei are at the same level in the tissue.  This can help you see the line of cells)
  3. Cell membranes indicating the width of each cell


  • Epithelial tissue is classified based on the shape of the cells at the apical surface and the number of layers of cells.
  • This tissue consists of a single layer of cube-like cells.
  • The nuclei are located near the center of each cell.


  • This is a relatively thin layer of cells, so it functions best at secretion and absorption.
  • This tissue is not made for protection.


  • Mainly found in kidney tubules. They can be long lines of cells if you are looking at a tube cut lengthwise.
  • If the tube is cut in a transverse section, the cells will be organized in a circle.