Adrenal Gland

Key: (1-3 are all part of the cortex)

  1. Zona glomerulosa
  2. Zona fasciculata
  3. Zona reticularis
  4. Medulla

Zona glomerulosa: Mineralcorticoids (E.g. Aldosterone – increases absorption of Na+ at the kidney (and thus water) at the expense of losing K+)

Zona fasciculata: Glucocorticoids (E.g. Cortisol – Released when under stress.  Has anti-inflammatory properties, suppresses the immune system, increases blood sugar through gluconeogenesis, decreases bone formation, aids in metabolism of carbs, fats, and proteins)

Zona reticularis: Androgens (E.g. Estrogen – stimulates growth of pubic hair in females and Testosterone – stimulates growth of pubic hair in males)

Medulla: E.g. Epinephrine and Norepinephrine – enhances sympathetic responses.