Adipose Tissue


  1. Nuclei of adipocyte (notice how it has been pushed to the periphery of the cell)
  2. The vacuole that stores the lipid droplet (it enlarges the more lipids are deposited and stored in the cell)


  • The cells store lipids droplets in structures called vacuoles (2). These vacuoles are so full of lipids that the vacuoles expand and push the organelles (1) (nucleus, mitochondria, etc.) to the periphery (outer edges) of the cell.
  • Adipocytes (fat cells) account for most of the volume of this tissue.


  • Provides padding.
  • Acts as an insulator to slow heat loss.
  • Serves as a packing or filler material around structures of the body.
  • Provides reserve fuel


  • Located under the skin (flanks, buttocks, breasts)
  • Fills bony sockets behind the eyes.
  • Surrounds kidneys (adipose capsule)
  • Located around heart and abdominal organs.